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Thursday, March 30


In essence, today is a horrid day. Really horrid. Okay, another rambling post, just ignore me for a while. Just a bit. I need to vent.

The saying 'you reap what you sow' has lost its true meaning to me. I have yet to see this proverb being experienced in my life. Actually, it has, but only at the most crucial moments, like my PSLE, my 'O' levels etc. But in the recent years it hasn't. I have consienciously been doing my tutorials, my past year test papers, revising what I studied when I go home (with the exception of the past few days..), all in hope that I would be granted what I truly deserve -- GOOD GRADES. But, somehow or another, exams have formulated this barrier against me, disallowing me from doing well. I seriously do not hope for fantastic AAA A1 grades, all I hope for is just EEE C6 (currently). But no. I don't get it.

I have another date with short vp. It has been the third meeting I've had with him since J1. I don't ever want to see him again after this time. I'm sick of listening to him saying the same stuff. Yes. A formality. He keeps saying 'it's your exam techniques' and 'do your best', but does he know that I have consistently been doing my best. In every every single thing I do. When I am studying, when I am photoshopping, or even when I am collaging pictures. Even when I am out with Ity, I'm doing my best in enjoying every moment I spend with them cos I know its rare we have moments like these.


I'm exasperated. Sick and tired of studying already. I know life isn't just a measure of how well you study, but in Singapore, unfortunately, it is. How successful you are isn't going to be measured with how many people smile when they hear your name, how many photos you manage to take in a day whilst having fun, how neat your tutorial is and how much space and paper you can save (yes, lindy.) It all boils down to your studies. That's the sad sob story isn't it. And for people like me, I'm not good and oh-so-lucky when it comes to exams. I'm not smart. Not like Chris. Not like Caiping. Not like Celeste. I'm not the type who will do considerably well if I put in work. I don't even pass. I'm not like Lindy. Not like Shuting. Not like Sarah Wong. (As for Beebs and Van, you both are a combination of pure wit+hardworkingness+luck (: )

I hate studying now. It's not that I have always hated it. I had to convince myself in Secondary 4, that I have to love studying. Because whether fortunately or not, I'm going to have to do so for the next 5-8 years of my life. I have been forced to hate it. I won't like something I'm not good at. But I am willing to take up the challenge of having to persevere on in JC, even though something tells me that I was supposed to go to Poly and do design and stuff, but since God so graciously allowed me into VJC, I shall make the best out of it.

I know big girls don't cry. But I cried in front of Mrs Chua today. In front of Lindy. In front of Caiping. In front of tx. In front of Ewan. In front of Shuting. In front of Yaomin. (and a whole big horde of other random people outside the staff room..) But truth being told, I'm not afraid of crying. I'm just afraid of how people would perceive me when they see me cry. Am I supposed to be all gung-ho about it and smile even when it truly hurts inside? Or am I suppose to give mono-syllabic replies to her "Did you study anot?" & "What went wrong?" (I would reply "Yes." and shrug for the second one.) It seems idolizing Jay Chou has made me pick up his habits. I want to stand up for myself. For my conscience. For my overly-tired brain.

I want to explain that all this is not because of how I study, but I believe, and I still do believe, that God is trying to work a miracle in me. He wants me to know that beliving is so vital in this time of struggle. That as long as I trust. TRUST. That's going to be so easy yet hard to do at the same time. I just need to trust in Him and everything will be alright. He will plan my path, lead the way for me. But I will do my best, for doing my best is ample.

She said "It's going to get harder along the way." Well, bring it on. I know I'll grow stronger, and tougher, emerge brainier and more capable of overcoming obstacles. I know I can. With a supportive bunch of friends, my family, and God. I will be able to do it. I feel so much better now.

Say "Hi" to the future me.

Thanks Caiping, Lindy, Tx, Ewan and Shu for being there for me. Thanks alot. Love you all. (Except maybe for Ewan I don't love him.) And thanks Beebs for the past few days (:
Note how my thoughts change in just this one passage. Wow, I'm truly amazed. I just need to talk things out slowly!

Studying will be carefree from now on. Admist all the stress, I will persevere. For I know it is all worth it to see a miracle in me.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Monday, March 27


Shoe from Topshop. Why don't they have it in Singapore, cos I'd totally scram down to any shop that sells this and buy it. Like pffft. I wish online shopping would be available to shopping-deprived kids like me in Singapore. HELLO!?!!

I really like this. Sigh, you see what I mean about online shopping?

SPA TOMORROW. And I haven't touched it. Not. A. Bit.
And I finished where rainbow ends. So sweet. You are what you read.
Oh and Clau! Remember our photoshopping thingie starts tday! <3

I wanna be your lake, for your bay
And any problems that you have
I wanna wash 'em away
I wanna be your sky
So blue and high

And everytime you think of me
I wanna blow your mind
I wanna be your air
So sweet and fair
So when you feel that you can't breathe

I'll be there

This is yet another pointless entry. Whatever happened to my promise. Tsk, haven't joined CDC. Had writers block today during GP. Ting will so slaughter me. Ramble on and on.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Saturday, March 25


Seth is 100% ultimately the sweetest guy. So is Alex. Books/tv has made me realise that the world we're living in is harsh reality and that reading is a form of escapism. I bet half the authors/directors/script-writers are actually depicting what they want life to be like/what they wish they were. And there is a tad too much sacarsm in both the activities I am indulging in. Hartyheehaha.

Isn't it sweet Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody are a real-life couple?

Geeky but witty.

And for once, I really don't care what others are going to say to me after an exam already. Thanks Caiping, really thanks alot for that nice lil' pep talk. And Beverly I hope you're feeling much better.

When I say I miss those days, I really miss those days. Ashley still with us, CK's hair, and not being so distant from you. Whatever happened to last year.

I koped this from Celeste 'cos I'm bored.

[x] A cell phone
[ ] a hair straightener
[x] your own computer/sidekick
[ ] your own car/even if u cant drive it
[ ] good grades :D
total: 2

[ ] chanel/dior sunglasses/glasses/gucci
[ ] burberry applience
[] A boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] a curling iron
total: 0

[ ] every fall out boy cd
[ ] something from american eagle
[x] something from abercrombie (BEEBSIE!)
[ ] something from hot topic
[X] a pet
total: 2

[x] some type of trophy/award
[ ] full queen size bed
[ ] King size bed
[x] a mini ipod( or nano) or video or regular
[ ] a jersey from a professional team
total: 2

[x] more than $1000
[x] a radio/cd player
[ ] Monster,Full Throttle,Amp,Etc. In Your Fridge
[X] something related to Green Day
[ ] xanga

[ ] myspace
[ ] make-up
[x] a desk in your room
[ ] a hill in your backyard
[ ] DDR (DVR)
total: 1

[ ] a pair of skis
[x] alarm clock
[ ] a pair of ice skates
[ ] rollerblades
[ ] treadmill
total: 1

[x] your own phone line
[ ] AIM
[x] Yahoo!
[x] MSN
[x] ICQ
total: 4

[x] perfume/cologne
[x] bath and body works lotion
[x] necklaces & bracelets
[x] journal
[x] toothbrush
total: 5

[x] yogurt & peaches in your fridge
[ ] x's in your screename
[ ] a birthday in january
[ ] a famous relative
[x] a relative that lives in a different state AND
total: 2

[ ] a disowned relative
[ ] electric scooter
[x] your own bathroom
[ ] your own band
[ ] any rock band shirts
total: 1

[ ] gamecube
[ ] a guitar
[ ] a hammock
[ ] a basketball hoop
[ ] a soccer net
total: 0

[x] a bike
[ ] a mini van
[x] a relative that lives in Florida
[ ] a vc andrews book
[x] a friend who does alcohol/drugs/smokes
total: 3

[x] bad grades
[x] locker at school
[ ] a baby
[ ] a pet chimpanzee
[x] sparkly blue nail polish
total: 3

[ ] a "vote for pedro" tshirt/hoody
[x] the movie "the 40 year old virgin"
[ ] a promise ring
[ ] a pool table
[ ] swimming pool
total: 1

[ ] Trampoline
[x] livejournal
[x] flip flops
[ ] steve madden shoes
[x] the sims 2
total: 3

[ ] a ping pong table
[ ] air hockey table
[ ] a basement
[x] converses
[x] construction paper
total: 1

[x] markers, crayons, etc.
[x] coloring books
[ ] a nice singing voice.
[x] XBOX
[ ] PS2
[x] PSP
[ ] PS
total: 4

[ ] some type of disease
[ ] rose red movie
[ ] wife beaters
[x] a mom or a dad
[x] an older brother(s)
total: 3

[ ] an older sister(s)
[ ] younger brother
[ ] younger sister
[ ] a sled
[ ]a lake/pond/creek near my house
[x] friends who you love
total: 1

I got 42. Btw Clau, what's the criteria for being spoilt!

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Friday, March 24


I realised my blog is one of those typical I-did-what-and-what-with-so-and-so-today sorta blog. I'm only going to blog the essentials now (since my strategically timed A levels are coming). At least I'm going to try to, well the essentials to me arent necessarily the essentials to everyone else. No one like hearing about Eunice's (or as Ewan OR Tx called it, eun.. tsktsk.) boring life.

I mean, what's new. Homeworks piling to the very top, lectures where I sit there staring hard at the lecturer's face where the only thing that ever gets into my brain is "What the hell is he talking about?!" or how drony his tone is that it's making me fall asleep, especially for Econs. Tutorials have made me feel like I'm in a labyrinth and I'm like totally lost, especially for Econs. Yes, Econs again. Somehow I really wonder why I dropped Chemistry.
I'm not blogging the essentials already. So much for my resolution.

Anyhows, aside from being lost in school, I have picked up a rather strange obsession with making muffins. Chocolate-chip muffins, as well as Oreo and chocolate chip muffins. Who can resist chocolate? Aside from those diet-conscious and health freakos, I cannot think of anyone else. So anyhows, I would like to stress on the point that muffins, are extremely easy to make and we have most probably been extorted from the past ___ years of our lives. In the market they sell it for what, $2 minimum? I baked roughly 36 muffins for $10. Plus minus what, 50cents for electricity. TOTAL EXTORTION. That's what it is.

I picked up a book over at some book fair the other day, its called where rainbows end & its one of those sassy chick-flick equivalents and its really really sweet and sacarstic. It's about two friends, who have been best friends since they were 5, and they are (at the page I'm reading at now, which is 118.) Its about how they have loved each other since forever, yet they keep hooking up with random people, and they disregard their love for each other cos they assume (yes beebs, making an ass outta you and me(: ) that its cos they love each other for friendship.

Which is I believe, often the case in reality, EXCEPT in reality its the opposite. Many a times people mistake friendship as love, and then they get tgt, break up in time to come and realise you miss out on a wonderful friend. AH. Anyways, its a sweet book. With lots of sacarsm! And the entire book is not written in prose. It's just a compilation of all the letters, emails, instant msgs yada yada between the various people involved; yet it is really awesome how you can actually picture everything fall into place. I like Cecelia Ahern. I want to get her P.S I Love You book. Am a sucker for chick-flicks/books/serials.

He is the luckiest man in the world to have you, Rosie, but he doesn't
deserve you and you deserve far much better. You deserve someone who loves you
with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly,
someone who spends every minute of everyday just wondeing what you're doing,
where you are, who you're with and if you're okay.

You need someone who
can protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with
respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with
someone who can make you happy, really happy, dancing-on-air happy. Someone who
should have taken the chance to be with you years ago instead of becoming scared
and being too afraid to try.

I am not afraid to try, I know what that feeling was at your wedding,
it was jealousy. My heart broke when I saw the woman I love turning away
from me to walk down the aisle with another man, a man she planned to spend the
rest of her life with. It was like a prison sentence for me, years stretching
ahead without me bring able to tell you how I feel or hold you how I
used to.

Twice we've stood beside each other at the alter, Rosie. Twice. And twice
we got it wrong. I needed you to be there for my wedding day but I was too
stupid to see that I needed you to be the reason for my wedding day. I
should never have let your lips leave mine all those years ago in Boston. I
should never have pulled away I should never have panicked. I should never
have wasted all those years without you. Give me a chance to make them up to
you. I love you, Rosie, and I want to be with you and Katie and Josh.


I bought season 2 of the OC, and to put it simply I like it much much better than the first. For one, the conversations are much much more witty, and Seth Cohen is so charming. It's his geeky look thats hot, yeah the look-intellectual-but-not-really-intellectual look. And that Zach guy is also handsome. And I am addicted to it, not a good time to start watching tv, since like the tv/computer/mystorybook/mybed has been my major addiction the past, say 2 weeks? Talk about being motivated to study man.

Bring on the charm dude.

Okay, briefly: Kbox ytd Chelsea is so CMI-CHINESE girl, Debbie is my ♥ and Sean's voice still charms me. Yushu doesnt sing and I suspect he's a mute! (haha! No offense!) I fell sick, shivered in bed till I almost died. My stats tutorial is cranky, so is 12.3 and 12.5. Uttering nonsense again. Going to change my blogskin.

And now the serious stuff. 10 things I really hate about you. I figured a blog is for ranting out my troubles. And since only like 2 people agree with me on this, I shall just let things go, pretend you're such a perfect girl. Oh yes, my friend. How can I forget. The book's sacarsm has gotten into me.

your own specialised 10 things I hate about you.

I only can think up of 4 now. I hope there wont be more.
I need ity very badly, and I can't seem to go out and meet them cos of the fact I really need to start studying. Maybe I should have this habit of closet mugging too. Or maybe I should password protect my blog. I think I will. Sms me if you want the password. I cannot stand having to bottle up my feelings and caring what others will perceive of me after reading my entries.

Hope this makes all of Ity smile; especially you, Beverly.

Happy thoughts happy thoughts.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Sunday, March 19


I AM : Eunice
I WANT : good 'A' level results, shopping trip, and Ash to come back ):
I HAVE : wonderful friends(:
I WISH : I had more time.
I HATE : studying, even though I have to.
I MISS : Ity & Ash!
I FEAR : failure.
I HEAR : apprentice in the background.
I WONDER : what God has planned for me.
I REGRET : not pursuing design after 'O's.
I LOVE: ITY! STMARGS! Maths, classmates yada yada.
I'M ALWAYS: thinking :D
I DANCE: worse than Vanessa.
I SING: when I know the lyrics to the song.
I CRY: very very easily.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: nice and friendly and cheerful and happy.
I LOST: my hairband on the bus cos I was sleeping and it 'popped' off. ):
I'M CONFUSED: by many people.
I NEED: more clothes.
I SHOULD: start studying for 'A's.

Yes or No
u keep a diary: BLOG!
u like to cook: yes
hav a secret u hav not shared with anyone: yeap!
u believe in love: I try to.
Wan to get married: eventually to my knight in shining armour. Think Leopold or Patrick.
Think u're a health freak: nope!
Get along with ur parents: better now.

NUMBER(S): 2 17
COLORS: green! and yellow and orange and purple.
MONTHS: august!
FOOD: I can go on and on and on, you don't want that right?
SEASON: winter

SUSHI OR FISH FILLET: fish fillet!
THE BEACH OR THE MALL: I'm undecided. Can I choose both.
DAY OR NIGHT: uhrm, I like both(:
GIFT OR $$: gifts, esp for lovable friends(:
LETTER OR E-MAIL: letters! more personalised.
THE PIANO OR THE GUITAR: pianos. omg, jay.
NIKE OR ADIDAS: Nike for bags and shoes, Adidas for everything else(:
PHONE OR PERSON: person larh! What sort of question is this.
HOT OR COLD: hot shower, cold coffee.
HELPED SOMEONE? doubt it):
BOUGHT SOMETHING? yeah! Went shopping!
GOTTEN SICK? yeap obviously. Why do you think doctors are so rich.
GONE TO THE MOVIES? Yeah, the last one was Nanny Mcphee.
WRITTEN IN A JOURNAL? It was compulsory in sec4 with Mrs Seet and all.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Saturday, March 18


I went on shopping spree yesterday with my mummy and she charged me for it. It was quite a good bargain actually. I spent $179 at forever21, and I only paid my mummy $50 for it! And I got really cool tops. One had the words 'I started this trend' on it, like one of those really cute Jayla-inspired tops.

OH and I saw Koo Jien and his really pretty girlfriend, you know both of them host Light Affairs together? Yeah saw them at forever21. His girlfriend is really really hot.

Oh and Darius, stop being an asshole :D hope you don't regret getting that Germany shirt. 'Cos I think its nice. And I really wna get that France one I tried on at num. Tsk.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Thursday, March 16


Rather evidently, I haven't fully gotten over yesterday, the day where we finally met up again. (which reminds me, okay super random, I have to return Beebsie's hairband) I just sat here in front of the computer browsing through yesterday's super random photos, and like Sheeni said, we are all super camera-friendly. I think how we shoot photos are really very reflective on how we are in real life. Vanessa is always the ______ one. I only have one picture to describe that.

Yes, except imagine Vanessa doing that with her rocker chick hairdo. And Vanessa's the one with the really extreme face changing movements. I have no idea how she does it. It's an innate ability. Other than her talent for dancing, ballet and gym. Vanessa's the very dancy one in us.

And Beverly is well-known un-glam queen. I remember there was this point of time I photoshopped many supposedly un-glam shots of her... in her opinion. I thought they were really pretty pictures! Anyways, Beverly is super sunshiney! Sometimes I feel whenever I'm sad all I need to do is look at her photos and I'd feel super happy larh. Same goes with Clau's and Vanessa's and Sheeni's. Then again, I think just looking and reading their messages will make me feel that "Hey, someone is there for me!" And all I need to do is just call them and they're there for me. 24/7. Without fail. Beebsie's smile really exudes happiness. And that's pretty much what she is! She's really beautiful in God's eyes and mine! I LOVE BEEBSIE WEEBSIE!

And Clau's photos are always of very weird faces. Like funny faces. See I show example:

She looks like a little cute hamster. And is so adorable! And she's always the one known for her intelligence. Like I rememberd that in Secondary 4, whilst I was still struggling with Photosynthesis and all, (well, I'm still struggling now but whatever...) she actually went to read up about Calvin's Cycle and all. And I'm still very amazed at her willingness and ability to learn. It just reflects alot about her! Like she's always eager to find out more about stuff not in the syllabus. (: Thanks for the cow clip!

And here Celeste is trying to do an Ace Young with her smouldering look.

SHEENI TAY. I think Sheeni should be an adjective. Really, Sheeni is really unique.

Loud, nonsensical.
Way of mechanism: running towards you whilst she greets you, with her hands grabbing you really intensely. Beware: may hit _____ part of body.
(the last time I remembered she hit my ear and made it really red..)
Burps really loudly, 3-4 classrooms down.

But Sheeni's really photogenic(: And she takes super extreme pictures. And it really exhibits her character overall. Sheeni's one of those friends that whenever you have problems and you tell her the problems, she'll just talk to you and make you feel so much better. I don't know how she does it, but I think its her special ability.

And Zhimin. Okay I don't know what to say. Haven't went out with her in 1395810958109581 years. And I really mean 1395810958109581 years. Yeah, maybe I'll forget how she looks like already. The last time we went out was like last November, celebrating Beebsie's and Vank's bday. And Winny Hassan. I don't know if its God's plan but I talked to her today. And this was how things went:

__'winny * ...wheeeee ll..I believe in YOU..ll says:
__'winny * ...wheeeee ll..I believe in YOU..ll says:
can't help it..pplebusy la!

I think these 2 sentences are enough to reflect how things are larh. She doesnt take the effort to meet up and communicate. I mean, all of us are busy. Why is it that 5 of us can take the effort to meet up, even just for an afternoon, but some people can't. Guess this is the true test of Friendship.

Okay, more pictures of myself. See if you can spot each of their personalities(: And for the record. I'm known as Miss Same-face. Tsk.

4 of us(:
You make my life complete.

Even though its blur I like it!

Goofing around.

Can you spot each of our traits?

"Let's play, have fun. Let's play, have fun!"


there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Wednesday, March 15


Awesome. The company today was just splendid, just like St Margs days. Studying at Meridien foodcourt with Celeste, Beverly and Vanessa was hilariously funny. With our frequent shopping visits to F.O.S (Factory-outlet-store), which coincidentally also represents Full-Of-Shit, searching for the guy with the hole in his pants, sharing fries with each other, PHOTOFRENZYING, uhrm-transport-in-plants, LAUGHLAUGHLAUGH x100000, Vank and Beebs parading with Clau and my bag (hilarious I tell you...), introducing Celeste to the world of Multishots, taking random shots of each other, TEASING VANK ABOUT HER ROCKER-HAIRDO!, fruit punch and rose syrup, FUNKY STICKERS!, fun&laughter all the time, just LOVE them to bits and pieces.


Group multishot! Welcome to the Multishot-world Celeste! It's been great seeing you and being around you just today (: I missed you terribly!

Celeste and I! (note the green shirt! I just bought it from FOS! At $15!)



Having fun with fries (:
did I mention our main motive was: STUDY?

Our absolutely funky phones!
Matching stickers and all!
Oh and we bought matching hair clips too!

Models of my bag and Celeste's HUGE bag.

I love them loads lots always!

Then we went to Spageddies (whose service AND food deteriorated...) to eat and bond! And we talked about the past in St Margs, which I still miss dearly, and I really really really miss St Margs days, from the bunsen-burner-and-Sheeni-drama, to the cell group times. If I can turn the clock around. ):

Sheeni, Vanessa, Beverly and I at Spaggedies (sp?)

My sexy Celeste (:

...and Sheeni!

And we never fail to multishot, even in the restaurant.

Sitting and slacking inside Paragon snapping crazily away.

Celeste and Vanessa & Beebs and I
in our own silly little model shots.

Beverly, Sheeni and I.


I have uploaded these pictures 3598390619357135 times cos blogger keeps screwing up on me. TSK. And I got that green top (supposedly very aH lIaNxXx), this blur long sleeve dark purple knitted top, and this reversable basic blue/pinkishred top. All for about, $30. I like FOS.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Tuesday, March 14


I was blog surfing and came upon this link on backmasking, which as you all already most probably know is an instance whereby when music is played backwards, there is another message. I actually got rather scared! Maybe I'm a coward, but when I heard Fire On High, I'm So Tired and Nature Trail To Hell, I was really tempted to press Alt-F4. But My Name Is... by Eminem was quite funny.

& I also found this:
Type out the answers to the the following questions
in Google Images and post the first picture that appears.

1. The age you will be on your next birthday.

2. Your favorite color.

I typed in lavander, only to find out that it's lavender.

3. Your name.

I have no idea what the first picture is so I decided I'd put the second one.

(whoever you are, I'm sorry)

4. The place you lost or would like to lose your virginity.

5. A bad habit of yours


6. Your favorite fruit or vegetable.

7. Your favorite animal.


8. The town you live in.

9. The name of a pet.

I don't have one!

10. Best friend's nickname.

I typed Beebs and Vank. Wow. Beebs is angmoh and Vank is a guy.

11. A Hobby


12. Your last name.

Uhrm.. okay.


there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

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