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Sunday, April 30


Every blessing You pour out I'll turn back to praise;
When the darkness closes in Lord, still I will say

I forgot to add someone to yesterday's post: ASHLEY! HOI! Update more about your life on your blog! I want to find out so much more about you, like how you did! WHAT HOT YOGA! (and sorry I couldnt talk tday! my brother was hogging the computer as usual)

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Saturday, April 29


Thanks Beebs for that call(: it brightened up my entire day!
I miss alot of people. Being random here. PLC; SAJC; STMARGS. All in one. I'm suffering from severe withdrawl syndromes man! Missing everyone like siao. Just browsing through pictures and memories flood back.

I'm hanging by a moment here with you.

Vivian, the one I havent seen in 4 months):

Crazy Kenneth.

Photowhore Chelsea!

The whole gang, including Hui Giang & Debbie!

I miss Christmas and Japan):

& my fellow siaoxerxzxzxz!

Lovely Beverly and Insane Vanessa!(your lovely too!)

& Sheeni! my superstar!

Subjectivegirl! (:(:

I miss going out with you girls.):

Nanthini! Just met her but miss her already):
& I miss mello, and bevlim and siti and PLC03/04!
(but no pictures.)

Serene! havent seen her in 4123897851973291875325 eons!
I really really really miss you!

Mellie! You owe me a story to tell. >:(!

It's depressing really. While I should be burying my head in mounts and mounts of tutorials and notes, I'm just sitting here. Missing you all. Rarr!

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Friday, April 28


Cp my girlfriend seems to be keen on thinking that my aim is life is marry a rich, intelligent, capable, smart, supportive guy who will provide my needs till the end of time (cliche!) and if he finds someone better, he can ditch me for all I care cos I'll get part of his assets (bonds, property etc) and he'll end up losing out! OKAY, NOT TRUE. Just that it'll be better if someone could support my spendthrift personality (rarrrr.) and be able to provide for me just as well as my dad provides for my mum and us. My mother told me to marry someone like my dad. A little young for that huh!

Today was a day filled with LAUGHTER! in the library. With 4 periods of CK and 2 periods of very funny i-hate-wenyang GP lessons and a miracle happened! I passed my compo! 29marks is a huge improvement from the usual dismal 24 I get. Hohoho I feel good fabulous and awesome.

Why do birds sing so gay
And lovers await the break of day
Why do they fall in love
Why does the rain fall from up above
Why do fools fall in love
Why do they fall in love?

Newest addiction for my earcandy. And Kellie Pickler is out from AI. Ace was out last week. AI has no meaning anymore, other than for Tayler Hicks! Anyways, I'm awaiting Cp's reply for my proposal today (heehehehhehehehe!) and I hope tomorrow she'll be officially my girlfriend. HOHOHOHO. Seriously we were acting totally like a couple today. Okay. ACTING like what I said. Our song, played on a solo saxaphone. A crazy sound, a lonely sound. A cry that tells us love goes on and on, played on a solo saxaphone. It's telling me to hold you tight, and dance like it's the last night of the world. Rarr! I'm in love with Miss Saigon again.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Thursday, April 27


Had a wonderful excursion from the east of Singapore today; to the west of Singapore. All in aid of supporting VJC's soccer match at JurongJC (CK's first starting match!). A whole series of events I tell you, mostly unfortunate but I had the swellest time and most awesome feeling today! (eyecandy overload.) Had insightful one-to-one chats with dearest on the bus on the most random events, more BULLSEYE! which I think is seriously the most unfortunate thing that happened today.

So Lindy, Sherli, CP and I were all game on supporting our dearest "I'm 17, look 12 and act 8" classmate CHIUCHUANGKHEAT a.k.a. CK today playing against the soccer match against YJC at JJC. And coincidentally or whatever, it was nomination day. Yes the big hoo-haa over the polling thing so the school was closed down. We looked like some illegal immigrants sneaking in for a temporary refuge to seek comfort in for the night. Thankfully there were other supporters too. 5 more VJC supporters! GO VJC GO VJC! Sherli sounded like a fire engine. Total: 9 VJC supporters! (minus 2 un-enthu ones, cp and I) Score: 3-1 (all by plasticbag!)

Cp needs the loo 24/7 365 for the rest of her life. &seriously she needs sponsership from some p__ company. Maybe K__ex or Wh____r. Whichever is the most absorbent! JJC is at BOOKLAY, not JURONGEAST. It should be called boonlayjc then right. Misnomer.

Have 1958109358109248124 assignements+tutorials to do. End result of slacking for the past 1.5 weeks. Need to buck up. Have to buck up. In love with Miss Saigon once again. Intermission time! & I'd really wanna see you act you "I don't wanna die a virgin!" 4 bearbear outta 5 bear bear. I'll give you one bear. A big dead one.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Wednesday, April 26


Hey baby look at me go, from zero to hero;
You better take it from a geek like me
I can save you from unoriginal dum-dums
Who wouldn't care if you complete him or not

But first meet two people in my class (they're most prob gonna kill me for this):

Meet Lindy, our model student. Mr Kwok's favourite, without a doubt. And CK, the retard. Who talks non-stop and goes gibbergabber living in a world of his own with his soccer ball and his LOST episodes. Cranky nutcase! Okay random shots today since I brought a camera!

Met the siao-siao-whole-day-long-i-never-see-you-for-so-long-already PLC 03/04 gang! My stmargs CCAmates! Okay I got a bit high and hungry when I saw them. I was drenched and actually like ran in the rain. Rarr see the things I do for you all ;) BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! (even if it was just for 3-4 hrs of together-time with you girls!)

Mello was the same, going at the speed of 214km/h whilst talking that she had to gasp for air many times cos she was outta breath repeating the same story about her fringe. She hasn't changed the least! And Nanthini! SAME. Same curly short bob on her hair and all, same sqeaky
voice and her favourite line to me never changes: "AWWWWW MY BABY!" Yes, 17 going on 18, and still her baby. Beverlylim's the same. Motherly figure. Practical. (BLUR!) Mellie's still squaky and high and still taller than me. Rarr! But something's changed. RARR AND I HAVENT GOT TO KNOW THE FULL STORY! *hinthinthinthint!*

Outside Artfriends! We were waiting for Bev to pay for her stuff and got.. a lil' crazy.

Okay, actually very much very crazy and high! Rarr!

Courtesy of ME! Testing out the coloured pencils! Which I eventually got, very very nice metallic colours! PLC03/04 FOREVERRRR! Glad I knew you guys really ;)

Final pictures for the day, they needed to leave early. ): Actually I also. But nevermind we can always meet up again and again and again and again x1000000000! And I still think I've matured already but they still think I'm the 1-year-old baby in secondary4 and always will be. GRRR I'll prove you girls wrong!

I spent alot. SEEERIOUSLY; I really need to cut down.

Gonna adopt Celeste's habit of who made me laugh (trust me I won't keep up to it): Lindy Caiping Chris Celeste Mello Nanthini Mellie Bevlim CK (I scoffed!) JAYCHOU! (I wish I wish I wish.) That presenter from personalgrooming. Hilarious baby!

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Monday, April 24


(pictures courtesy of Shu)
The growing shoot I have on my head. I cut my hair! Yes, finally people realise. It's like the little beansprouts you grow when you were in nursery kindergarten (I was expelled from nursery before I could see my little shoot in my plastic cup. Grrr.)

I blogged something yesterday but blogger screws up anyhow so.. I have an IQ of 127. According to this website, I'm supposed to be one of these: School Teachers; Pharmacists; Accountants; Nurses; Stenographers; Managers. The last occupation appeals to me the most.

140Top Civil Servants; Professors and Research Scientists.
130Physicians and Surgeons; Lawyers; Engineers (Civil and Mechanical)
120School Teachers; Pharmacists; Accountants; Nurses; Stenographers; Managers.
110Foremen; Clerks; Telephone Operators; Salesmen; Policemen; Electricians.
100+Machine Operators; Shopkeepers; Butchers; Welders; Sheet Metal Workers.
100-Warehousemen; Carpenters; Cooks and Bakers; Small Farmers; Truck and Van Drivers.
90Laborers; Gardeners; Upholsterers; Farmhands; Miners; Factory Packers and Sorters.

"But tests like that are often not accurate!" Says my Dad the mood-dampener, when I was prancing around my room yesterday after finding out my score. It's a vast difference from the "WOW I HAVE A SMART DAUGHTER!" answer I wanted to hear. Grrr.

So I have food babies in me and I have to have this torturous exercise to get really good abs like Jessica Alba. Celeste is my instructor. And she's cheaper than CFC for sure! It's called LOVE! That's the price to pay! And I LOVE HER (I REALLY DO!) so (:(: heehee free.

clau- : 1. Situps 100.
2. Crunches, feet off the ground, knees 90 degrees 1min
3. Leg raises/cycling thingy 1min
4. Pushup position on elbows hold for as long as
possible. Starting wif 30 secs.
Repeat at least 2 times.

clau- : and we'll compare abs next time
clau- : X)
ruiovdmqarfi: haha
ruiovdmqarfi: id have one big one
ruiovdmqarfi: still
ruiovdmqarfi: my abs grow after a meal
ruiovdmqarfi: or two.
clau- : HAHA!
clau- : they're called food babies!
ruiovdmqarfi: hahaha
ruiovdmqarfi: is it
ruiovdmqarfi: woww!
clau- : lol!
clau- : we have lots of food babies and they're all born into the toilet!
ruiovdmqarfi: we cannot abort them okay
ruiovdmqarfi: CANNOT
clau- : aiyoh
clau- : abort then dam pain ah!
ruiovdmqarfi: YAH
clau- : eh.. but must give birth, or else u get constipation.

That's my crazy friend whom I love oh-so-dearly. (yes Caiping, your primary3 classmate(;)

I am sixteenseventeen going on seventeeneighteen; I know that I'm naive,
Fellows I meet may tell me I'm sweet and willingly I believe.
Fellows remind me of Mr Ng and his "Eh ask that fellow come!" and his 5 rules for us. Potract not protect.
AH STMARGS; I'll never forget.
in the spur of the moment.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Sunday, April 23


This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Grrrrrr. Check out this very gay site. Pun intended.

Say you love me every waking moment,
turn my head with talk of summertime;
Say you need me with you,
now and always;
promise me that all you say is true,
that's all I ask of you.

I'm a sucker for sappy lovey dovey romantic lyrics. Grrr.
Like this song here. For me to post the lyrics would be.. lor sorh.

"Think of all the things
we've shared and seen
Don't think about the things
which might have been"

-- for CP silly dearest.
That's your line ;)

More sappy love lyrics (thanks to sillydearestyancaiping) who made me download practically all of Soluna's songs. GRRR.

But a life without you could never be right.
As long as the stars shine down from the heavens,
Love as river runs through the sea,
I'll never get over you getting over me.

(see if I used .lj you wouldn't have to put up with my loveydovey-ness!)

amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
but u going with ur SAJC friends right?
gaerijasfvlkjaelfkjaeid-ed. (when i need you you're almost here! right cp!) says:
gaerijasfvlkjaelfkjaeid-ed. (when i need you you're almost here! right cp!) says:
i can sit tgtwith them w u!
gaerijasfvlkjaelfkjaeid-ed. (when i need you you're almost here! right cp!) says:
for bestfriend in 05s25
gaerijasfvlkjaelfkjaeid-ed. (when i need you you're almost here! right cp!) says:
i will
gaerijasfvlkjaelfkjaeid-ed. (when i need you you're almost here! right cp!) says:
(: i shld be yr bf lah!
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
u know thats what my friend who watched v for vendetta said
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
she said everytime she goes out with me she feels like my bf
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
she will wait for me
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
buy tickets
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
then stand at the door of cine and wait for me lah
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
sweet right?
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
no shes a girl sorry cp
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
while i get drenched in the rain
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
sry tt song u have alr
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
your first in my life, whos ever made me feel this way
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
i will recite tmr
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
and i will not deny i gna need you here by my side
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
baby i cant wait come and hold my hand and let me lead the way
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
never will be too late see myself thru yr eyes
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
baby i cant wait till the day i hear u say
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
you are mine theres no other one for me
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
keep in mind you make my life complete
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
for all time!
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
and tonight, we'll make (TOOT) endlessly
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
cos yr mine, the one i will keep for all time!
ruiovdmqarfiouegvmvfd-ed. says:
okay i type fast
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
the TOOT part is HILARIOUS
amicitia - vindemia / did the captain of titanic cry? says:
sing tt way tmr

I'm lazy to retype lyrics. Moreover this was by far one of the funniest conv with my dearest! (:

I blog excessively, anyhows, I love my one-ab conversation with Clau and our food babies!(:(: and my IQ127 chat with Beebsie.

On a seperate note: I wish you'd have more time to talk but I know you dont and it's alright I guess, right? Now don't say I never mention you(;

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Saturday, April 22


Confessions: when I see my emails, I have a tendency to just delete everything. And okay, she sent us an email yesterday. Hesistant or not I shall believe, it's always better not to doubt anyways. I hope we'll all get along fine. I wish I could believe whatever she said even more and just trust but.. nevermind. Okay, here comes the weird part. When I saw 'The Incredible Lau', I thought it was spam and I wanted to delete it. Not very good a confession but I FOUND IT FUNNY SO. Okay. No one's laughing but me. I must be super retarded.

Clau, I feel almost the same as what you said in your blog, and I LOVE ♥ the pictures too(:(:

footprints - says:
you chickenwingpokkia!
/ $:= and (: forever! ♥youEUBEEB!(: / JAY.smitten.dazzlejazzle!(: says:
!! eh i like chicken wings btw

I miss Rachel alot. ALOTALOTALOTALOTALOT. I haven't officially went out for a meal in 24819240912583295713845712489124 years. (I exaggerate ALOOOOT. That's bad.) & anyways, I don't remember going out with her in primary school anyways. It was always me and the schoolbus vs Rachel &the school bus +terence/timothy. I still remember. HOHOHO THE GOOD PRI SCH DAYS.

Shall have more random photos: ITY♥
Am doing this cos I miss them shitloads and we havent went out in ages.):

Just for you to know, I painstakingly find pictures with all of them (but have trouble for her) and it must be vertically placed pictures! And now I have an unglam section(Beebs scores in this one!) Eh Beebs don't angry ah, very little people read my blog 'cept ITY♥ and all so (:(:(:

(our model for bag angry already..)

(hehehehehe. I hope you dont hate me beebs!)

*swings bag like vanessa is a robber*

An utterly embarassing moment for Mr Cow.
Lets play have fun lets play!

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Friday, April 21


Seth: Sorry I'm late. I was caught in traffic... I'm on stage.
Crowd Member: You're not Zach Stevens!
Seth: No, I'm not.
Emcee Guy: I think you should step down.
Crowd Member: Seth Cohen's a tool!
Seth: Okay. I know I'm not who you all imagined as prom king, seeing as how I'm not who any of you actually voted for. But, she's the queen, and I love her. So i guess that makes me the king.
Summer: Cohen?

Seth: No, I'm just the guy standing next to you. You're the queen, all right? I'm the jester, perhaps, if that works. So let me ask you this, Your Highness: What can I do to make it up to you?
Summer: Well, you can start by dancing with me.
Crowd Member: But he's a tool!


It's like a Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet. Just STOP being childish. Grow up quick, get a life soon, I'll show you whatever happened today was just a scene in a typical Korean/Taiwanese-drama (whichever is more dramamama.)

I like Seth Cohen still. He's still incredibly witty in Season3. Almost cried when Johnny died, even though Jiayan told me he would. ): Wit is good. I'm attracted to wit. ;)

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.


"I'm burning to tell you how much i despise guys who are interested in ten different girls in a month and upon failing to get any of the ten, they move on to another ten.
hello? this is not maths. It's not probability and you are not taking samples for hypothesis testing."
-Quoted from someone's blog.

I really think this is so funny. I was literally laughing off my chair! (thankfully I didnt fall, ikea makes good chairs!) Anyhows, I decided thats quite true of many guys. Grrr have personal stuff to blog but yes now that some other people knows my password its not really convinient (and I'm lazy to change the pw and re-inform people of it).

Before you all start wondering what I'm doing so early blogging, I didn't go to school. I actually don't feel very well (as seen from the past few days) and feel lethargic, tired, stressed, depressed and everything else possible in that stupid livejournal feeling thing. (Btw, I doubt I'm moving) Sometimes when I blog in .livejournal, and I have to choose a feeling I'm feeling, I don't know what to choose. There are 1859103581098412 possible feelings there! & to my horror the "private" thing! It's like private to yourself only. What's the use man! I want only ity to read it! &no one else. Not myself! And the "for friends only" function? Yeah how many of my friends use livejournal? Grrrr. See. Should have checked out the functions thoroughly before I made sucha big hoo-haa over it.

& Ashleeeeey! Seriously miss her already, and she's flying off tomorrow.

The press is really too much about writing about such articles. It's not a big joke. Stop making it seem like a joke. It's not. How about some respect for the family? Insensitive people.

I don't get why I should even be hated. It's not my fault at all.
Some really random pictures: (I miss you all like sai...)

"Let's play have fun let's play!" & Beebs and I being siao.

"A chain is as strong as it's weakest link."

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

my shutterfly

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