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Thursday, June 29


Save me from the big bad shopping monster please!
So I went on a shopping trip with my transformed "fwah!" Ashley! Productive. Expensive. Actually the things I got were at a bargain, but when you get cheap things multiply by about 6 items its = expensive. Anyways, consolation: I cannot shop until Novemeber after today! Yes. I like the red polkadotted dress and my $43 jeans! And my orange and green top! And my bargains. Oh I love I love.


$10 wacky neoprint! :D

Snow white and Shrek!

I like the top but I didnt get it ): I got that dress btw!

My loves!

Then we went to Mind cafe to play insane games! I am the champion of the see 5 fruits and bang the bell until your hand got blue black. And I win! And Lindy is violent. And Chris has fast reaction. Caiping is Miss Blur, still. KY is the black horse who takes the cards when no one expects him to. ZR is Mr Violent who bang my hand so hard just to hit the bell. DING DING DING! Okay, tomorrow E-games! I cannot wait.

Hello, sunshine <3


there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Wednesday, June 28


Hello Ashley.
Bye exams.
Hello bad results.
Hello VPs.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Sunday, June 25



Mcdonalds breakfast was good with the gang, caught up with them after about a week of not catching them. (Except for Celeste my muggingmate!) Then we went to mango, the sale that is really queue-able. But since we were there early there wasn't a queue. Managed to get a spagtop which okay, for mango, its a bargain. Service was... so-so I guess but I enjoyed praise alot! Really needed to start off the week on the right foot -- with God and no one else. Only Him will be able to guide me thru my rough times. Only Him. Then went shopping at U2, and walked randomly into and out of shops. And Candyempire where I bought candies. Hope it'll tide me through this week.

Come to think about it, its only 2 more days. Two more dreadful days. Then Ash will come partay with me. We will watch cute guys on channel27 (omg sounds so cool now that I have cable! Last time it was just... tv.) play soccer and curse and swear (i'm kidding) when the referee is biased. We will photobooth and take nice pics cos I won't be able to do so till.. December. I will catch up with Ash and her fantastic life, and she catch up with mine. We will eat till the pigs moo and the cows oink. We will do so many things. Two days! God help me.

Okay. As usual. You can close the browser now.

Cel and I (: Mugging mates!

The four of us(:

At U2 trying on tops! We're like triplets!

(: LOVE!

I think we really look like triplets with the same coloured tops.

VK and I! Glad she's back safely from NZ!

Beebsietums and Veeeek!

I bought that top and another pink one(:

the girls!

Nice tag vk.

Lovely stuffed toys. Rarr I want a dog.


(: lubbalubba!


(: thebestfriend,still!

I need all the prayers in the world to tide me thru. All the best to those taking exams this coming week!

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Saturday, June 24


I LIKE THIS PAIR OF SHADES. (I look like a housefly!)

All i've done today in it's entirety is
Brush my teeth.
Do my nails.
comb my hair.
Climb up to bed and hug my christmas marshmallow from mummy.
climb down to get the barry book i borrowed frm dungad.
Sit at my table and read.
Sms some more.
Climb back up to bed to read
Hug the marshmallow again.
Try to sleep.
Close the window coz it started to rain.
Climb back up to sleep again.
Smsed ianlau to ask him if he's going for dinner.
Gave up trying to sleep.
Climbed down picked up my yellow file and pencil case and hp and came out into the hall to try to mug.
Then i saw the computer
On the computer.
Eat breadroll.
Open wmp, limewire, messenger, youtube, blogger.
Here i am.
Apparently, i am going to pass 0 subjects for the common tests according to dungad's mystical dustbin. But then i'm also going to marry yizhe. HAHA
And you know the coolest thing about her magical dustbin was, We could miss and miss and miss and keep on missing, but everytime we said "if this goes in, God loves us" The tissue would unfailingly go in, even if once it balanced on the edge between the plastic and the plastic bag, thats still an in. COOL HOR.
and to add one more food thankyou, thankyou for the seaweed chicken!

Hehehehe this is just exactly what I wanted to blog about! (btw clau! you forgot famous amos cookies too! we ate the whole box!) Anyways, this is what I did the whole of today.

Wake up at 945 thinking my tuition was at 11. And then screaming "Wake me up at 1030!" until my mummy knocked my head and reminded me that my tuition was at 10. Rubbed my eyes before Bio tuition. Eyes shutting during Bio tuition. After Bio tuition, bathed. Slept till 430. Read the papers. Reminded about the loss of Korea and Japan yet again and saw FAT (sorry caiping!) Ronaldo's picture. Went out shopping. Ate. Ate even more. Forever21. Earrings. WH yellow top. Ate. Ate. Ate. Banana Mocha Frappucino. Talked. Sms Cp! Bought butterfly earrings which are so nice!

See Celeste I cannot do without you. ): Mac breakfast tomorrow with the gang!

Pictures for the day!

My cousin's girlfriend(: (not the cousin in the pictures to come; his brother!)

Okay, act cute act cute.


The nice girlfriend again(: She's nice to shop with!

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Friday, June 23


Well, I felt that needed some announcing to do since its the best shows I've ever watched. I've even managed to influence Celeste to liking O.C! Okay, we shall bunk in after our CTs, and catch up on O.C Season1/2 and perhaps rewatch season3. I cannot wait for the DVDs to come out. Absolutely cannot wait. Teeheehee!

Sigh, swoon with me. Summer Roberts -- Our idol (:

Isn't she lovely? How come during their prom they all look so glamourous and all and they look like they're ALL fit to be prom queens/princesses but on our proms we look so blended in and all? Well, no prom for me this year. I guess I don't have to worry about dresses and all anymore(:

See what I mean?

My thumbfriend(: We have matching dresses(:

Studying with Celeste these past few days have been tastebud-fulfilling. Mcwings, pepper drumlets, fries, cereal with chocolate milk, porridge with fish, greentea!, orange juice with pulp, orange juice without pulp, apple and blackcurrant juice, lots of snuggling with pooh and tigger, babytalk!, indoor-free-of-charge-kboxing, comiclife!, garagebanding, finding more cool things to do with my macbook(:, soccertalk, gushing over summerroberts, heart-to-heart talks, throwing trash into my magical rubbish bin which answers questions, checking out my autograph book and laughing at how things were then, and how things are, NOW, and lastly, yes studying.


Tell me how dead I am. Kingdom of protozoans, kingdom of protoctista, kingdom of fungi, kingdom of plantae and kingdom of animalia. Get it into your brain Eunice, F O C U S. Protozoans: Binary Fission i.e. Es-cherie-chia Coli. Protoctisata: Algae - Fragmentation i.e. Spirogyra. Protozoans: Binary Fission i.e. Amoeba or Multiple Fission i.e. Plasmodium Vivax Fungi: Budding i.e. Yeast or Sporulation i.e. Rhizopus (Rhino-Zonkey-pus!) With stupid sporangiophores, sporangium and collumella. Animalia: Budding i.e. Hydra and Parthenigenesis. OKAY CONFESSION TIME: I WAS REFERRING CELESTE ):

I appreciate it that outta your busy schedule you still take time to call me and talk nonsense about your drumlet club! (Celeste you're part of it too!) And BBQs and stuff. (:

And VK! I'm glad your back(: Hope it went well. Was praying for you day in day out and telling Celeste how much I miss you. And BEEBS I LOVE YOU STILL.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Thursday, June 22



How I spent my day.

BEEBS I STILL LOVE YOU! DO YOU LOVE ME. I still friend you. Please friend me still. I lend you my pencil okay? Colour pencil also! ):):): Celeste will lend you her broken hairclip! ):): We still love you! & I'm glad VK's back after so long in NZ! I hope the hobbits kept you company and were kind to you! Sunday's our day together! :D :D :D

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.


I have just watched the saddest episode on the O.C season 3. See, Seth Cohen, my witty charming guy in the show whom I adore so so much still, applied for Brown, but didn't get in. The only reason why Summer Roberts, his gorgeous humourous girlfriend of 2 years applied for Brown, is so that she could be with the one she loves -- Seth.

Results came and Summer got into Brown but Seth didn't. Seth wants Summer to go to Brown and not forsake the chance of going into an Ivy League college just because he isn't going. (I know, noble!) So he lies that he's going into Brown. But he knows he will not be going there on the first day of term. So he tells Summer this super heartbreaking thing, about how he wouldn't know if the one they are with now is the one for them forever. And Summer says: "I want to be with you now, and forever." *swoon*

Then Seth says he's not sure. Summer breaks up with him. Summer thinks it through, and realises she loves him alot still. And since she broke up with him, she has the right to un-breakup with him. So she un-breakups with him. And immediately after that moment, Seth breaks up with her. Giving him, and only him, the power of un-breakingup. Summer figures out that Seth must be afraid of something, and love conquers everything. So she plans this really really sweet lineup for Seth.

Pink heart shaped balloons. Giant Hershey kisses. Red lip-shaped balloons. Pink streamers from the ceiling. And at that very coffee counter that Seth declared his undying love for her 2 years ago, she stood up there, and told Seth: "Unless you can tell me straight in the face that you don't love me anymore, I cannot accept that break up. If you tell me you don't love me anymore, I will go to Brown, being lonely, sad, miserable and alone. Go on, say it if you don't love me."

And my heartbreaker cool witty humerous hot handsome geeky dude says: "I don't love you anymore."

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Wednesday, June 21


Uploading of new pictures would possibly take ages in this case! Oh man Comiclife rocks can! HAPPY BUNNIES! Okay I'm damn random oh man oh man. Anyways, Beebs, get well soon! You dont love me no more cos you didnt tell me you were sick ): Heartbreaker! Anyw have been praying for you! Hope you're doing fun and dandy now. Love!
I'm loving my Mac more and more everyday. 1234! (:

Yes, study. And thats me in my geeky specs. If only I live up to that name.

I want to see Owen and the rest again! And I miss Denise holding my hand! And her whining! Oh man! I wanna go back to TLC to help on Friday! ): But yes. I haven't finished mugging. Bah.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Tuesday, June 20


My dad is close to pissing me off. Wait, in fact he already did. He's driving me insane.

"I bet Ecuador is being bribed by Germany. You see! Two goals in the first half. CONFIRM BRIBE ONE AH! You know how I know? Cos when that Klose guy scored, both the goalie and the other Ecuador fell down! Confirm bribe one lah!"


Everything is bribe. The day before when Brazil played and Ronaldo sucked in playing, instead of blaming it on his big (fat!) build, he said, "Australia must have bribed him." Why bribe? "'Cos the papers say the players welfare not taken care of."

Way to go Dad.



Okay I salute them. It's time to say goodbye to them. It's impossible to beat Brazil. We're talking goofy smiles from that super tan boy, a rather fat plump and unfit not on form guy, and very very experienced players. Sayonara!

Goats go meh meh! Sheep go baabaa! 1234567890 SUNSHINE!

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.


On weddings, since I just had a rather splendiferous conversation with my girlfriend (ahem, still self appointed, when will you ever ever accept me!? *hands you 1000 boxes of poifuls*) how can one ever find weddings boring? *stares at caiping* It's such a romantic event. Okay maybe just cos its on close to 3 days from Day 1 of Doomsday that you find it boring.. hmmm, that maybe a reason acceptable! But okay okay debate debate. Compare going to a wedding with going to a dance concert. Caiping's case vs mine.

I have a dance concert tomorrow night. Well perk number 1: it's free. Perk number 2: ...I don't have any other perks other than it being free. I mean, I don't know how to dance. I'm not all Vanessa-ish coupled with the twirling and the gracefulness and the tippy-ouch-toes. I'm still flabbergasted and blown away by the fact that they can stand on their toes! (And Vk still has nice toes as compared to me!) Okay. I envy. I admire. So yes, back to weddings.

Oh I digress. Weddings are so much fun to watch and look at. The case where you just witness the official bonding of someone you know so well get married to another guy. Cp! How can you not get it! You are, as proclaimed by, a ROMANTIC MIDDLE HIGH. But I am a romantic middle low! Weddings are so romantic. Okay, sometimes maybe they are overly emphasized and all, with many cliches inside, the typical champagne popping and the walking down the aisle and everyone praying together that the bride doesnt trip on her gown and fall face flat and drag the groom down together with her. I mean, he'll most probably promise her that he will go through thick and thin with her right. So it's only fair if he falls too.

Weddings are lovely. You get to eat so much. And! It's a double perk if the people at your table are total strangers to you, and the number of people in your family exceeds the number of people on their side. Then they will feel pai seh and don't dare to go for second portions. My kiasu nature has been revealed. But there have been many instances where my family and I have made full use of those pai-seh people and just whack the sharks fin.

Oh and the part where the father leads the bride down the aisle is so so so so sweet. It's like entrusting his lovely sweetheart daughter with the groom for the rest of her life. Okay I'm just really tired thinking about mitosis and meiosis and cell growth and all that. I am so far away from achieving my AAA for 'A's. I walk by faith and not by sight, if things go wrong it's gonna be alright, cos someone bigger, is watching over me! Hooray!

On a side note, Cp says its only fun being a bridesmaid during a wedding. You get to walk down the aisle with the groom and the bride! And she has done it twice! Okay I walked down the aisle too. But I was running cos I was helping out at my cousins wedding. The difference between cute chubby cherubic girls like Caiping and me.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Friday, June 16


One more week left.

What's the difference between CRV and PDF.

Doesn't help that the cramps are on full-swing mode.

And that come next Tuesday I will have an added distraction.

And that you're not here for me at all.

I will indulge in other things.


I don't get CRV and PDF.

And my testimonial sucks to the core.


there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.


1. Beebs
2. Clau
3. VK
4. Sheeni
[1-4 are just FAMILY!]

5. Caiping
6. Lindy
7. Vivian
8. Mello
9. Junjie
10. Ewan
11. Tx
12. Ck
13. Yaomin
14. Mellie
15. Yizhe (now don't say I dont shed light.)
16. Christopher
17. Ashley! <3
18. Chelsea
19. Debra
20. Serene

1. How did you meet #14?
Mellie: Guides in secondary 1 in St Margs! The beginning of a very long friendship(:

2. What would you do if you had never met #1?
Beebs: I'd never have a best friend. I never would know good things come in pairs. I'd never find St Margs enjoyable. I'd never laugh like I never did before. I'd never do silly things. I'd not be the person I am today.

3. What would you do if #20 and #9 dated?
Junjie and Serene: Actually they'd make quite a good pair cos they're both siao.

4. Would #6 & #17 make a good couple?Ashley and Lindy: They already were. Ash was Lindy's 2nd girlfriend I think. And Lindy was three-timing me. But I still didn't mind cos I love her!

5. Describe #3.
VK: A dancer. Pretty. Smiling. Slim. Part of my family. Always knocks into my head. Had cute fringe. Someone I can talk to anything about.

6. Do you think #8 is attractive?
Mello: Yes. I think her wit and her smile are her most attractive points. (I'm not les hor mello.)

7. Tell me something about #7
Vivian: Her rabbit roams her house freely.

8. Do you know anything about #12's family?
Ck: Has short genes |: One sister. Mum a teacher.

9. What's #8's favourite?
Mello: BBQs! (I think.) And artistic guys. And laughing herself silly.

10. What would you do if #11 confesses that he/she likes you?
Tx: Hahahahahaha. I like her too what.

11. What language does #15 speak?
Yizhe: ALOT. Mr Brain, grrrrrr.

12. Who is #9 going out with?
Junjie: His notes.

13. How old is #16 now?
Christopher: 17.

14. When was the last time you talked to #13?
Yaomin: 2 minutes ago.

15. Who's #2's favourite singer?
Clau: VANESS AND KANGTA. And the two chinese boys.

16. Would you date #4?
Sheeni: No, taken!

17. Would you date #7?
Vivian: If I was a guy! But girl lah.

18. Is #15 single?
Yizhe: What a question! Yah lah!

19. What is #10's last name?
Ewan: SOU!

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with #19?
Debra: No! Cos she's attached!?

21. What schools did #3 go to?
VK: Smps, Smss, Sajc

22. Where does #6 live?
Lindy: In front of the TV/Books, at Lorong Ah Soo!

23. What's your favourite thing about #5?
Caiping: We can talk about ANYTHING, she understands me so well! Writes good friendster/school testimonials, loves the same type of guys as me (owen!) We laugh ourselves silly. We cannot rhyme. She can free verse, I can't. The list is never ending. My best friend in vj!

24. What do you think of #18?
Chelsea: She clubs alot and wears quite little.

25. What do #4 and #19 have in common?
Debra and Sheeni: Both are attached. Both were in 4/6.

26. What special qualities does #17 hold in your life?
Ashley: She makes me laugh nonstop and gives me a "haha!" when my jokes are not funny. And she skypes with me! And she needs me to keep herself organised. And she cuts her hair all the time. And she was my 1st 3 mnths buddy!

Studying was good and semi-productive today. It'll get better. The two chinese boys are just teh coolest! With their bu de bu ai. OMG. So cool. Celeste is so cute. She eats my cereal (the junk in the house) with choc milk! And we binge on pizza and drumlets. And we run together. (more like she runs, I walk behind.) And she helps me with CRV! And we photobooth together! And we "siao-lah" my maid together :P OMG! Okay. 8 more hours till I see you Celeste (:

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Wednesday, June 14


Duke wants Olivia who likes Sebastian who is really Viola whose brother is dating Monique so she hates Olivia who's with Duke to make Sebastian jealous who is really Viola who's crushing on Duke who thinks she's a guy...

Andrew: Well hey there pretty lady.
Monique: Ew. Are you hitting on me? Girls with butts like mine, do not talk to boys with faces like yours.

Monique can be such a bitch at times, but yes she's bitchingly funny! She's the Man is exactly like another 10 things I hate about you. Based on Shakesphere. Check. Hot dudes. Check. Chick flick. Check. Funny lines. Double check.


Even though he's a jerk and discriminates and whines alot, well he's hot.

Caterpillar caterpillar, you all are going to turn into beautiful butterflies! She said that so quickly, we were laughing even into the next scene. Gosh. Do you like cheese? Any guy who asks me that next time would just end up talking about She's the Man with me, cos I will suppose he watched the show, if not, which guy would ask a question like that!

Viola: Just keep it flowin', ask me if I like... cheese.
Duke: [laughing] do... you like... cheese?
Viola: [girl's voice] Why yes I do. My favourite's gouda.

And this was the ultimate funniest thing. Haha, it really was.

Duke: [Sees box of tampons in combat boot] Hey... hey, why do you have tampons in your boot?
Viola: Uhh... I get really bad nosebleeds.
Andrew: So you stick them up your nose?
Viola: Yeah. What? You... you've never done that?
[all three guys shakes heads]
Viola: Oh my god, Beckham does it all the time.
Duke: Seriously?
Viola: Yes. Look. Got to show you how to do it. You take that off, and whatever that is, and you stick it right in. It absorbs right up.

SO HILARIOUS. I'm a mega fan of She's the Man now. And goodness, I could hear Beebs saying "Duke is so cute!" halfway during the show. Embarassing. Oh and we ran from PS to Cathay Cineplex (the new one), I promise my heart was like just beating so fast. The adrenaline was just pumping like there was no tomorrow.

Elephant in the room. Chew like you have a secret.

"Chew like you have a secret."

Oh and there was a character named Eunice in the show. Who was nerdy and wore braces! But she was really funny. And whats more this show had soccer inside. And for the time being, I cannot resist soccer! Oh no, I'm random blogging again. Anyways, we talked about serious stuff and our usual not so serious stuff.

Toby: How come when I wanted to ask Eunice out everyone made fun of me but when Sebastian likes her she's hot. No, screw you guys. I hate high school.

Okay back to She's the Man, Duke was really such a jerk (sorry caiping) cos he practically hopped onto any single girl who he could get. When he kissed Viola, suddenly he was soooo into Viola. But when Olivia came into the picture, it was like *BAM* Olivia you're the only one for me yada yada yada. So typical of guys.

Website here anyways:
The soundtrack's really great. And thanks to my girlfriend cp! I have got them all. Hohohoho I am such an evil twit. See! 10 things I hate about you has a fabulous soundtrack too!

In the lift with Celeste!

Our kaya toast+chocolate+peanut butter!


L-O-V-E I love you and you love me!

Outside Fish and Co!


It was a nice time with them, our first movie in a very very long time. Vk! Hope you will do superbly well and God will watch over you on your trip to NZ! You'll outshine the rest and do very very very well! I know you will! God will keep you safe and make you happy! (:

And boom you're the only one for me.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

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