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Tuesday, October 31


Waking up to this every morning would be wonderful.

Blame it on my very itchy fingers for peeling my blister hence now being unable to write, fabulous baby, fabulous. Just hope it cures before thursday, if not I'd be writing very un-naturally and all. I cured my mac of whatever illnesses it has so far -- now it doesnt shut down on me AT ALL and I removed my windows partition so I now have 34GB, up from the 10GB I previously had! 23 days, please pass soon.

The waiting is killing me. I can hardly contain my excitement.

You're not forgotten, all of you. Especially the one right in front with the 'victory' sign. It sucks I barely see you and still your phone eat my messages up. Anyways, I miss you terribly. Hotcakes breakfast and Ben&jerry dates with you, pleasae come quick. ): my bestf.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Friday, October 27

22:06 -- the clutch -- the spotted sandals -- the ballet pumps -- the earrings

(someone buy this for me and be my santa please!)I'm always like lagging in sgspree,like that nice clutch for <$20!!! SAVE ME I AM SUPER PISSED AND XIM TIA (dialect for heart pain!)

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.


Posted at shimmershone,rants like that shouldn't be put here, it'll cause much unneeded attention. Beebs' phone is like against me I bet,it doesn't like me and all the messages I send, it eats up. I can't wait for Sunday where I'll get to have a proper conversation with her. Just a quick countdown and it dawned upon me it is a big O FIVE days till the start of the AYELEVELS. Practically my whole life's education is going to be attributed towards the exams in the next month or so. I will set my mind that I will only be online for maximum of one hour during the weekdays. I will be able to control I hope.

Pizzahut= 4 student value meals eaten by 3 people+4 bowls of soup+2 disgusting sodas+2 Pepsis+ drumlets/calamari/icky prawn thingie/waffle fries = 3 very full people. Admist the Ji Gou Pa-ing and the Scissors-paper-stoning and the debates over how 'Girls school girls are more despo than mixed-school girls in JC' and the discrimination between talented fat girls and non-talented fat girls. Sigh, boys will be boys with their betting at every alternate thing they can bet.

I can't wait for 23rd November, I promise to visit Vivocity's walk of retail therapy and try on almost every other thing at Forever21+Topshop+Mango+Zara. Oh yes, don't forget the HK shopping trip and Disneyland (again!) and dimsum/late night shopping and cold weather! Ohboy, I can't wait.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Wednesday, October 25


Don't hate me don't regret me wherever you go whatever you do don't say I never loved you.

My mind's telling me that I'm over you, but my heart's saying something else.

Romeo: Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like thorn.
Mercutio: If love be rough with you, be rough with love. Prick love for pricking and you beat love down.

Romeo: If I profame with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this. My lips, to blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.
Juliet: Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, which mannerly devotion shows in this. For saints have hands that pilgrims' hand do touch, and palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss
Romeo: Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?
Juliet: Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.
Romeo: Well, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do. They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.
Juliet: Saints do not move, thought grant for prayers' sake.
Romeo: Then move not, while my prayer's efect I take.
Romeo: [They kiss] Thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged
Juliet: Then have my lips the sin that they have took?
Romeo: Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.
Juliet: [they kiss again] You kiss by the book.

I wish we did Romeo &Juliet in like Secondary 3 not Secondary 1.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Tuesday, October 24




there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Monday, October 23


"Every long lost dream, lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way, into your loving arms
This much I know is true, that God blessed the broken road
That lead me straight to you."

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Sunday, October 22


Morning pictures with the Beebs' and candy-coloured heartshaped stickers I brought along to mark my Biologynotes with a everytime its something important; (and something I must eventually learn to ) --> this thing is so cute I should just make it a regular on this blog! :D

So anyways,breakfast at Mac should be a weeklyaffair with the best friend; albeit all the morning rush to 'HURRY UP DA PAOO!!! We're gonna be late!' and stuff,and the walk amongst the taka-imitation stalls at suntec. Oh and how can I forget, the multicoloured best-tasting and most expensive clumps of 'shit' we saw (it was bravisimmo icecream..) more on -ly icecream later on.

Then it was lunch at Sakae with Vk and service was ultimately funny. (okay,I just realise I don't blog in sequence and I am utterly NO LINK!) There was this aussie guy preaching and he was really quite funny but key things I caught during sermon:ARISE! & high level of glory. They played my ultimate faves today in service: Salvation is Here and other songs(which I know the tune but not the song name and its hard to type do re mi... etcetc here right!)

Oh then it was lunch at Sakae with Vk! And then we parted ways cos she had to go back! I live for the few hours I get to spend with my lovelies
each Sunday,anyways.. soon after the Beebs and I had our virgin attempt at BEN AND JERRY'S (the shop); for Beebs it was like 1st attempt for B&J, which is damn damn damn slow and she's missing out on ALOT in life!

We ate Dublin Mudslide, which is B&J's rendition of rum&rasin; I guess, but boy was it heavenly and absolutely -ly. (I think the thing is getting irritating but hmmm,i feel like being irritating today!) So yes, here's to tempting Caiping and all those other B&J -ers out there! (:

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Saturday, October 21


1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.

How are you feeling today?
here you come again -- Clay Aiken
(possibly referring to my boyfriend, mr stress.)

Will you get far in life?
you and i both -- Jason Mraz

How do your friends see you?
tai mei li -- David Tao

Will you get married?
Love*3 -- F.I.R.
(errrr okay.)

What is your best friend's theme song?
always there in you -- The Valli Girls
"Baby girl close your eyes, you don't know the strength you have inside. If I could I'd shelter you from all the pain that we all must go through..."

What is the story of your life?
Chemicals React -- Ally and AJ
(Uhrm, but I dropped chem.)

What was high school like?
Love of my Life -- Clay Aiken
(was I that lovey dovey..)

How can you get ahead in life?
Gan Shi Ying Xiong -- WangLeehom
(haha! Here's to catching thieves and putting out fires)

What is the best thing about your friends?
1234567 -- F.I.R.
(okay, so my friends are smart and they can count.)

What is in store for this weekend?
Ta He Ta De Gu Shi -- Elva Hsiao

What song describes you?
Fallen -- Sarah Mclachlan

To describe your grandparents?
Somebody -- Slightly Stoopid
(duh,they're somebody!)

How is your life going?
To Be With You -- Mr Big

What song will they play at your funeral?
I'll Be Home For Christmas -- Ally & AJ
(oh no, please I wont be home. I'd be in heaven!)

How does the world see you?
Sexyback -- Justin Timberlake
(wow,I'm flabberghasted.)

Will you have a happy life?
Lover All Alone -- Clay Aiken

What do your friends really think of you?
Quit Breaking My Heart -- Mandy Moore
(I'm so not a heartbreaker pls..)

Do people secretly lust after you?
What I've Been Looking For -- HSM

How can I make myself happy?
Shi Mian Chu Ge -- Jay Chou

What should you do with your life?
Turn The Clock Around -- Mandy Moore
(I wish I could; really.)

Will you ever have children?
Forever -- Hillsong

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.


There's a special kind of feeling in the air
It only happens at this time of year
When everyone is filled with love and cheer
'Cause that's what matters
Pretty paper boxes tied with bows
Walking in the sun or in the snow
We can feel the excitement growing, growing
Decorate the tree, hang mistletoe
And stand by me
It's a picture perfect moment captured
Memories that we'll have after

It's the greatest time of year, and it's here
Help me celebrate it
With everybody here, friends so dear
Let me simply state it
Joy to the world and everyone
Lift up your hearts and feel the love
It's our favourite way, to spend the holiday

there's a white elephant in the room and im not doing anything about it.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Friday, October 20



Somehow, everything just erodes away; even though I don't want it to.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Thursday, October 19


An exerpt from this really awesome book that I can totally relate to: "The alarm has been going off for twenty-two minutes. It's amazing the math you can do on such depleted brain capacity. It is now 9:47am. I have to be at work by 10 a.m. I should have left 2 minutes ago. I brush my teeth and throw my hair, once again, into a ponytail. I'll stick with the glasses today and forgo the extra mile with my contact lenses. Somedays, you're Superman and some days you're Clark Kent." I just found this paragraph really apt cos it sounded like me this morning when I just told my maid to "shoo off" Well, human alarm clock I guess.

And this paragraph too: The rest of the day is a blur of downward spiraling and knocking my head against any hard surface. How could I have thought for one instant that Domenic would actually be interested in me? This is classic Maggie -- falling so hard and falling so fast and never asking any serious questions. It's me on the monkey bars again. I jump from an offhand glance in my direction to marriage and babies. I had convinced that Domenic had a "nervous energy" around me. Then I ran with the "nervous energy" idea and concocted whole scenarios about him liking me and the fantasy was born. In reality, he's dating this Erin girl and we're just friends... again."

Well, let's just say from where I've read until, this guy seems like quite the normal atypical jerk you meet everyday. Where he burned this CD on hidden tracks for this girl, Maggie, who's not exactly physical eyecandy, but to me she seems like a really nice (fictional) girl. And yeah, Maggie's harboured this huge crush on the guy, Domenic since forever, so she starts thinking that he likes her. And he offers to help in her moving house. And when she got drunk, he sent her home and she began blabbering a whole ton of nonsense which anotated that she liked him, about her thinking too much about the hiddent track, which went something like this: If I were to one time, ask for what I want, maybe I would receive it. As the days go, by and by and by, I learn not to ask. So I will never get, shown anything, ...or at least anything that will hurt me... yeah and she's reading too much into things and she tells her friends who confirm that he is interested in her and she falls even harder for him and then yeah, at this particular party he brings along this girl and yes. HER EMOTIONS GO WILD. Well, blame it on human nature.

Now, why does this story sound ever-so-familar, like it happens to every. single. girl.

You make me feel out of my element
Like I'm walking on broken glass
Like my world's spinning in slow motion
And you're moving too fast

I happen to like that song(: Yes, now about my life, I've been caught struggling with an everest full of revision. I hardly have time to breathe properly. Yes the haze has also caught up with poor ol' me and whilst I'm trying hard to recover it's really quite hard. Anyw, classroom studying with Shu, Ck, and Jon have been getting more and more productive I guess! Nevermind, will blog more when I am free-er.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Sunday, October 15


Something 'bout the way you looked at me
Made me think for a moment,
That maybe we were meant to be
Living our lives seperately
And it's strange that things change
But not me wanting you so desperately

Oh why can't I ignore it?
I keep giving it in but I should know better
'Cause there was something 'bout the way you looked at me
And it's strange that things change
But not me wanting you so desperately

You looked my way and said "you frustrate me"
Like you're thinking of lines and times
When you and I were you and me
We took our chance out on the street
Then I missed my chance
And chances are it won't be coming back to me

So I said, 'Goodbye to you.'

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Saturday, October 14



I learn not to post all my pictures on this blog if not this is a photoblog, instead, this is for memories. This was my day in one picture, and it's worth a thousand words. Farewell assembly was today, and it was probably the last time we got together as a class before the 'A' levels; memorable time we had. The concert in school was superbly laughable, although the ulcers in my mouth made me constrain my laughter.

Mr Chua was just utterly hilarious in his pink tutu dancing with his ballet shoes on stage, and Batman and Yellow Ranger were equally entertaining. I liked the housecomm performance with the Merlion JC, whY JC, Newyear JC, Act Cool JC, Richest JC, Say Amen and that turtle JC, can't remember the exact name but nonetheless, the performance was really engaging and tickled me thoroughly.

Our "special CT session"; which to put it simply was just a mega cam whoring session with Mrs Chua distributing our top 3 achievements (and admidst that wondering why we are such cam whores...), and I must say, for all the effort I've put into my CCA (or the lack of it), I did quite well. At least it looks presentable! And the "stress bag" was just an acronym for chocolate free gifts with outdated issue of Teenage, but yes, VJC I appreciate. Yes; I appreciate.

Kuishinbo was just madness. It was gluttony all the way! Sashimi was enough to kill me, plus tempura and soft shell crab, and chocolate fondue! It was like a prequel of heaven, honestly speaking. And that paper steamboat with seafood and mussels and chawamushi, which I failed to get my hands on due to a bloated stomach. Oh bummer, whalao never put my $28 to good use! TMD.

And plans to catch The Departed were cancelled when we realised all of us can pose as 18 year olds except our good ol' CK. So yes, Minds was crowded and hence we all tracked down to Clarke Quay for Settlers. Played our resident game Taboo, and there were quite a few funny things. Like this:

Chris: What's not in the middle?
CK: Oh oh! *super excited spastic smile* I KNOW I KNOW! ITS CENTRE. (or somthing to that extent..)

And also, it turns out two smart S paper guys dont make a good pair in Taboo. Caiping and I trashed them flat, until they changed teams. Zirui asked me this: "What do you get every month!" And I said "PERIOD!!!!" See, difference between guys and girls. (the answer was payday or something to that extent and anyw he got buzzed for the word month.)

(the answer is underwear)
Me: What do I wear below my skirt! *frantically gesturing and flipping my skirt and I think I zao genged*
Caiping: SHORTS!
Me: No no! Below that!
Caiping: Panties! Undergarments!
Me: Another word!
Caiping: THONG!


And we played this new game called Ugly Ugly, which is actually just a more confusing Halli Galli which is rougher and more difficult. Also, we played this Charades thingie and boy was it funny. Gymnast was classic. All I remembered was this superbly misleading action that looked like someone trying to fly.

And then it dawned on me; 'A's aren't over. It hasn't even started.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Thursday, October 12


And it's official, the GOONG craze is on in 05s25: well at least amongst Cp, Sherli, Lindy, Shu and I.. the rest just are super slow to recognise good shows when they watch them. Before GP mock on Wednesday, we had this Goong fan club sorta thing where we just reminisced on all the previous "rememberable" episodes like the summer house and the Macau episode, leaving poor Shuting (who is fyi still on episode 1.5) out. But I thoroughly enjoyed myself. remembering that I am living in a delusional world and there are no guys like Shin out there.

Anyways, tomorrow's farewell assembly. I must say I will be very sad leaving the class, and of course the teachers. Even though the class was only abit closer this year, but I still will miss every single one of my classmates. VJC, even though only two years, played a part in nurturing me into who I am today; with Caiping's sacarsm and Shuting's stories and gossips, Lindy's daily updates on Brycen, Sulin's "ohhh no...", Sherli's super funny dao bian movements, CK's cretinism and Chris' wonderful ponning ideas; I will miss so much more than that :D

So, another chapter in my life is coming to a close.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Sunday, October 8


You've wrapped me around, that cute little finger;
I don't need sunshine now to turn my skies to blue;
I don't need anything, but you.

Childhood movies like Annie totally rocks.

This movie is like 20 years old; older than I am! :)
Together at last, together forever.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.


Fulfilled my hotcakes craving courtesy of Beebs and I ate sausagemcmuffin with egg which gives me the same utility as hotcakes! Hotcakes are the shit. And no, CK and Oky, I know what your thinking. Beebs flooded my hotcakes with maple syrup and it was swimming in syrup! :[

I got F.I.R's and David T's album! (:

I WANT TO GO FOR CHURCH CAMP ON THE 18TH TO 21ST DECEMEBER PLS PRAY THAT MUMMY WILL ALLOW ITS IN MALAYSIA AND ITS THE FIRST TIME I WILL BE GOING OVERSEAS WITHOUT MY PARENTS. (and it'll be us four if we all go!) Also, pray that there will be vacancies for double sharing!


there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Saturday, October 7


You never know how much you have;
Until you feel someone's gone.
I wanna be there in the pouring rain,
I wanna be there when you call my name,
I'm gonna light your fire; gonna fuel your flame,
I wanna be there when you go insane.
I wanna be there when I'm outta town,
And when your whole damn world is crashing down,
I'm gonna be your lover; gonna be your friend,
I wanna be there till the end.

There's an angel.
It seems like they burnt down the entire forest on Bukit Timah Hill, plus the botanical gardens, and all the trees and bushes they planted along the roads near Suntec cos it's damn hazy here, they sky's orange and while I really want to complain that the haze is killing my nose/my brain causing me to lose focus, I can't help but marvel how beautiful the orange-purplish sky is :D

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.


gen wo shuo love love love
da shen shuo love love love
you yi tian zhe shi jie hui wei wo gai bian
F.I.R. the night away baby! :)

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Thursday, October 5


Decided that I will not be afraid of tomorrow, cos I know whatever's on that piece of paper is already pre-planned, and I will have no worries, for You are with me.

We should all live together in the world of High School Musical, and during breaks we will wreck the canteen in such a big mess and sing 'Stick to the Status Quo', mess up all the tables and chairs and disturb the J1s having exams in the hall and irritate the hell out of that V block level 3 aunty who goes "Don't mess up the tables and chairs! J1s having exams!" every half an hour, be it lesson or no lesson, school day or not, rain or shine. I salute her.

We'll be like in all-in-this-togetherness during the A levels and sing breaking free come 0915 on 23rd November. I believe High School Musical is so apt for this year.

Talk about funny parodies: check this out, its one of the OC's parodies.

You had your chance, you blew it.

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

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